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belajar autoCAD

mohon maaf kepada teman-2 yang telah mampir ke blog tutorial online tapi hanya berisi halaman kosong...

karena kesibukan saya sampai sekarang belum sempat menulis artikel untuk tutorial autocad online tapi bagi teman -2 yang berminat untuk belajar autoCAD bisa menghubungi saya secara langsung di 0813 1060 2321 hanya untuk daerah serang dan tangerang.

biaya untuk belajar bisa dibicarakan kemudian



Selasa, 23 Oktober 2007


Welcome to the my great blog site which will share my experience in using Autocad program. This blog came from my idea that there are very few Autocad tutorial on the web. this make so difficult for the beginner to find tutorial that suitable for their skill level. I hope my experience has benefit for those who wish to develop their drawing skill.

I have been worked in a wooden furniture manufacturer in serang, Indonesia for 4 years. I used to draw furniture outdoor stuff like Dining table, coffee table, console table, snack table, dining chair, side chair, folding chair, stacking chair, lounger, ice cart, gazebo, chaise, adirondack, rocking chair, bench, director chair, outdoor shower, daybed etc.

I use Autocad to draw all the stuff above and 3Dmax to visualize.

For you who begin learning Autocad don’t worry I also write cad tutorial for the beginner and for you who wants to learn Outdoor furniture design I also put some of my design for you to learn and draw.

You know Autocad is the best drawing software developed by Autodesk Inc. and now has reach version 2008. but in this tutorial I will use Autocad 2002 bcoz I don’t have cad 2008 yet. Hehe… but don’t worry if you want to draw furniture stuff cad 2002 has profen powerful enough to complete all the job.

Cad 2002 also has speed that satisfy me so far, so if you prefer cad software that complete and fast you should use cad 2002 but if you want use all the features of the cad may be cad 2008 is the best.

Autocad is just aid to draw, would be better if you have known drawing theory before you begin your first draw. In my tutorial I will use American standard couse simple and easy to understand. But if you stranger for the theory I will put some of them in the beginning of the tutorial.

On the drawing presentasion, to produce the real visualisation 3dMax is needed to assign material and rendering process. However 3dMax tutorials are often discussed in many web sites, so I will write about it later.

Well finally “ keep going never retreat “ may you have the spirit and produce many creation.